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Rebecca M. Prien, Esq.

Counsel to Creativity LLC

“Little has had as great an impact on the growth of my practice as the Client Engagement System. The investment was a lot for my new practice (honestly, I didn’t know where the money was coming from), but so worth it. Within the first month of participating in the Client Engagement System, a single client paid me three times my investment. This month I have engaged two clients for $8,000* of legal services each. And those are only two of the shifts that the System provides attorneys. Still, the most significant thing for me is that engaging clients feels like a valuable conversation and not at all like “selling” them on me anymore.”

Gerald Kane

Encino, CA

“Even though I haven’t implemented but 10% of your ideas and system, on one Saturday I had 3 appointments I closed all 3 and tripled the amount of revenue I normally would have made.* Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and the system and I can’t wait to implement all of your system.”

Nicole Newman

Newman Law Group

“During February, we engaged 11 new families for estate planning. In addition, my engagement rate for the past 7 months has been 100%.”*

Melissa O’Dea and Maria Woodman

O’Dea Woodman, P.C

“As a new firm, we were worried about the business side of practice. After implementing parts of the Client Engagement System (with lots more to implement) we are engaging about 90% of the time.* We can’t thank you enough for helping us ensure that our transition into private practice has been successful and rewarding!”

Kent M. Brown

Salt Lake City, Utah

“Yesterday I had an appointment with a small business owner with 5 children. Before the meeting I determined that I would use your system to see how it worked. At the end of the appointment I closed the deal and the client engaged me, not only to do his trust work but also to do some additional work. He engaged us to do $9,500 worth of work*, for what I normally would have received $4,000. I just want to thank you.”