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“Engage 97.5% of Prospects, Eliminate
Hourly Billing, and Double (or Triple!)
Your Revenues — All Without ‘Selling’”*

Alexis Neely

It Is Very Rare For an Attorney to Write This Kind of Letter. Please Take the Time to Read it Carefully.

In fact, if you are a great lawyer who wants to bring in a lot more money, have happier clients (and even have more fun in your practice), I urge you to get comfortable, ask not to be disturbed, and STUDY this letter – it IS that significant!

*These are actual results. Full details below.

"the first time I used your system... I made an extra $1250."

Alexis, just wanted to let you know that the first time I used your system, and poorly so, I might add, I made an extra $1250.00.  Awesome!!

Eric Barnes, Kaysville, Utah


Dear Fellow Frustrated Lawyer,

If you are a great lawyer, but not making enough money or bringing enough new clients into your practice (or just want to do it even better), this letter has the answers you have been looking for.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that:

Here’s Why:

The letter shares the details of my foolproof, easy-to-follow system that turned my once struggling practice into a million dollar a year law business (and has changed the lives of hundreds of other lawyers) that allowed me to be the kind of lawyer I went to law school to be, get off the marketing merry go round and the cash flow roller coaster.

It can, and will, do the same for you.*

Whether you want to build a million dollar a year practice or just a nice steady, predictable, consistent cash flow you can count on, this system is the answer.

The CES changed my life. It allowed me to double my fees over night and gave me the confidence to deliver.

Tracy Ingle
Tracy Ingle, Ingle Law, Boston, MA


Before I share all the details of the system, let me ask you this…

How many times has someone come into your office for an initial consultation, then walked out without writing you a check because they:

"I've increased my fees 1000%!"

I ignored Alexis’ emails for months. Quite frankly, I was very skeptical about her claims. After 25 years practicing law, I thought she wouldn’t be able to teach me anything. I was wrong. Within a few months of working with Alexis, I’ve increased my fees 1000% (that is not a typo – one thousand percent) and I recently engaged 7 out of 7 new prospects at $4,000 each. The best part is I’m energized and love my business again. I sure wish I would have opened her emails sooner. She’s the real deal.

Robert Galliano
Robert Galliano, Temecula, CA

These exact same problems used to frustrate me to no end and stress me out to the max. I kept wondering, “What am I doing wrong? There’s got to be a better way.”

If you feel the same way, let me tell you something…

It’s Not Your Fault!

They did not teach us anything about engaging clients in law school. Chances are no one ever told you having your own law practice would be so difficult!

I surely had no idea.

After three years of practicing law at the law firm of Munger, Tolles & Olson in Los Angeles, CA, I decided to hang my own shingle. Naively, I was sure there would be people lined up just waiting to take advantage of my great service.

Little did I know, getting the phone to ring in my law practice was just the beginning of the battle.

I had no idea I’d have to learn how to do sales too. My dad was a salesman, and I went to law school to avoid that fate!

“I’m a professional,” I thought, “not a salesman.” And yet, my practice was floundering.

I would often spend 3-4 exhausting hours with a prospect, only to find out at the end of the meeting that they were shopping around for the best deal or had to think about it. (Truth was… I spent so long with people because I was scared to quote my fee.)

I approached each initial consultation with a knot in my stomach because, if they didn’t say yes, I wouldn’t be able to pay my one part-time staff person, let alone support my family.

I was terrified to quote my fees.

I knew I didn’t have a good way to do it. My fees were really not based on anything rational other than what I thought I should charge and, truth be told, each time I quoted a fee, I was creating a breach of trust in the relationship. My prospects could feel it and they couldn’t say yes to working with me.

It was so bad, I found myself praying to God for help. (Can you relate?)

I was grasping at anything I thought could possibly help. And then it happened…

The Day That Changed My Life Forever

It was so painful that…


I didn’t have an extra $12,500 at the time, but I found the resources and did it anyway and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Within one week of using the new system, I had more than made back my investment.

I was hearing “yes” from every prospect I met with, commanding higher fees than I ever had before and the best part was that my clients were actually choosing their own fee, convincing themselves of the value of my services and I never again felt like I was selling anything.


If You Have Questions…

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To get your questions answered or to enroll!

After I implemented this ingenious system, I started engaging almost every client who walked through my door and commanding higher fees than I ever had before. Life was good!

But, there was just one problem…

I had loads of cancellations, and it was seriously hurting my business. I took it in stride, built it into my projections, just figuring that’s the way it was until…


I remember it like it was yesterday (although sometimes, I wish I could forget it). I was excited because I had 3 appointments scheduled that would have resulted in $10,000 – $15,000 worth of income, which I desperately needed and was counting on.

When I walked into my office that morning, and heard all 3 had cancelled, I was devastated. I really needed that money and ended up with NADA!

I decided that day – THE CANCELLATIONS COULD NOT CONTINUE! I had to eliminate them if I was going to survive and thrive in my law practice.

My family was counting on me.

So I consulted more expensive business consultants and came up with a controversial, but foolproof system that eliminates cancellations.

After I began using my system, whenever my calendar was booked for appointments, I knew with nearly 100% certainty that my prospects would show up for their appointment and decide to engage my firm.


Think about how phenomenal it would be to have a simple system that virtually guarantees every one of your prospects will show up for their appointment and leave you with a check… and be grateful for having met you.

You know what’s exciting? Within 3 years of opening my law firm from scratch I was bringing in over a million dollars a year in client fees!!

After achieving such wild success, and seeing so many other lawyers suffer from the old broken business model, I decided I just couldn’t keep this secret to myself any longer.

So I began teaching other lawyers, like you, my systems so you would not have to invest the trial & error, pain & heartache of reinventing the wheel or risk never being able to get free of the broken business model keeping you stuck.

This is not just a dream… it can be your reality beginning today!

"I just wanted to let you know that with the profits from clients engaged today I have paid for your system. I have also been able to increase my client retention rate and decrease appointment cancellations while simultaneously raising my fees between 10-20%. Plus, I had another round of seminars using your techniques and my appointment booking rate doubled!"

Michael Dellamonaca
Michael Dellamonaca, Fitchburg, MA


You see, it’s not your fault you still struggle to engage clients. No one has EVER put the entire system together. Typically you’ll get maybe a piece of the system (and most likely it’s from someone who doesn’t have my track record of success) but you won’t see the WHOLE thing. For instance, have you learned:

It’s VITAL you get all the pieces of the puzzle, because if you don’t, chances are your prospects will either never make it in to meet with you or keep leaving your office just to hire someone else and you won’t have the consistent, predictable revenue you need and deserve.

Start Engaging More Clients Than You Ever Have Before (And Discover
How You Can Do It By Being The Lawyer You’ve Always Wanted To Be!)

Whether you’re a newbie at this or an experienced lawyer, you’ll benefit from the system designed to help you engage more clients and experience the consistent, predictable revenue that comes along with it.* All you need to do is follow my paint-by-numbers system to see these results in YOUR business.

Here’s an outline of what the Client Engagement System will guide you to do, step-by-step:

ANSWER YOUR PHONE so you become TRULY irresistible.

"I received the materials for the Client Engagement System several weeks ago. I have reviewed all of the information and I was impressed with how you had set up the interview and the strategic questions. With this being said, though I liked the materials, I was skeptical on the use of the materials for my practice. Yesterday I had an appointment with a small business owner with 5 children. Before the meeting I determined that I would use your system to see how it worked. Honestly, I was nervous, because your approach is so different than mine. At the end of the appointment I closed the deal and the client engaged me, not only to do his trust work but also to do some additional work. He engaged us to do $9,500 worth of work, for what I normally would have received $4,000. I just want to thank you."

Kent M. Brown, Salt Lake City, Utah

Using my step-by-step formula, you’ll craft the exact script you need to set appointments with prospects ready to say “Yes” (and ELIMINATE cancellations!)

"I basically used just the intake form sample which I received an hour prior to a meeting with a prospective new client, a 90-year-old widow. Elderly clients usually tire easily so consultations need to be less time consuming than with younger clients. I used the intake form as the basis of my interview along with many of the phrases from the materials on the CD for the Client sample interview. At the end of the hour the woman hired me to re-write her entire estate plan, arrange for the sale of her condo and her move into an assisted living facility and wrote me a check for $10,000 without any questions or discussions. Since then I have used Alexis’ family centered approach, selling value rather than product and found prospective clients much less resistant to hiring me."

Susan King, Boca Raton, FL

You’ll know what to do (exactly) after securing the initial appointment to PRIME your prospect to not only say YES but to look forward to their meeting with you.

"I must say it was probably the single most successful meeting I've ever had with clients. At the end of the meeting they were saying things like, 'We really loved filling out the questionnaire.' 'We are really thankful that you have taken us through this process.' 'This is the best thing we've ever done.' I have to tell you I've been doing this for thirty years and I've never had anyone say that."

Steven O’Neill
Steven O’Neill, Providence, RI

Next, we’ll strategically design your office to psychologically pre-dispose your prospects to not only work with you, but refer everyone they know to your office!

MNA Office OutsideMNA-Office

Then, we’ll structure your initial meeting so it has purpose, tremendous value, and leads to “Yes” just about every time (Plus, create a business you can sell one day…)

  • Allow you to relax and trust that you will say the right thing in every meeting with a prospective client.
  • Give the meeting a clear purpose so it wasn’t just a free initial consultation, shop around, meet and greet, but instead will guide your prospect to understand exactly why they need what you offer and why you are the right person to deliver it.
  • Convey loads of value so your prospect will understand why you are charging more than the low cost leader down the street and will be happy to pay your higher fees.
  • Move from conversation, discover and providing value to a yes decision within one hour.

"Today I charged a client $5000 and she is delighted to pay it. I could have never done it without your methodology and coaching. My practice is becoming something I’m really proud of and I’m becoming the lawyer for my clients that I always wanted to be. Thank you! I’m having fun. Thank you! My staff are great and love the customer focus. Thank you!"

Yeti Agnew
Yeti Agnew

Finally, you’ll not only be able to relax when quoting your fees, but you’ll look forward to it, because your prospects will be choosing their own fee — higher fees than you’ve ever commanded before — and you’ll finally be getting paid what you are worth!

"Even though I haven't implemented but 10% of your ideas and system, on one Saturday I had 3 appointments I closed all 3 and tripled the amount of revenue I normally would have made. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and the system and I can't wait to implement all of your system."

Gerald Kane
Gerald Kane, Encino, CA

Collect a signed engagement letter, payment and often a testimonial before your new clients walk out the door.

"Little has had as great an impact on the growth of my practice as the Client Engagement System. The investment was a lot for my new practice (honestly, I didn't know where the money was coming from), but so worth it. The shift I made to name and identify the value of my initial meeting changed the way I talk about my practice not only in the initial meeting but in all my professional interactions. That shift and the internalizing question to prospects that the System helped me craft have had dramatic, immediate results for me. Within the first month of participating in the Client Engagement System, a single client paid me three times my investment. This month I have engaged two clients for $8,000 of legal services each. And those are only two of the shifts that the System provides attorneys. Still, the most significant thing for me is that engaging clients feels like a valuable conversation and not at all like "selling" them on me anymore."

Rebecca M. Prien, Esq.
Rebecca M. Prien, Esq., Counsel to Creativity LLC

Client Engagement System

Ready to engage more clients the first time, almost every time? Get started here.


If You Have Questions…

Call 1-844-785-8532 Now

To get your questions answered or to enroll!

So Now You Are Probably Wondering, “Alexis, How EXACTLY Are You Going To Teach Me How To…”

…so that I can enjoy the kind of consistent, predictable income and results that you had?”

Valid question!

Here’s our answer…

I’ve designed this training to go much deeper than any of the “in-a-box” products that gets you all excited and then leaves you alone to struggle your way through finding the time and the focus to get going. I care too much to do that to you.

It’s also not like one of those 3-6 day in-person training events that are rampant in our industry – I know that getting yourself out of the office for training is difficult to do. You are already struggling to keep up with everything you have to do, so I’ve made this system super easy for you to implement without you having to go anywhere and on your own time.

And when you do make it to one of those trainings, what happens when you get back to your office? Oftentimes, nothing. You get all excited while you are there, but get back and get sucked right back into what wasn’t working before.

That’s not going to happen here. I’m going to hold your hand all the way through this one.

It’s our company’s mission for YOU to maximize your new client engagements and your ability to serve your clients in the best way possible from your investment here.

Here’s all the SPECIFICS of how we’re going to do this ….together:

Video Training Series

First, We’ll visit you weekly by video and walk you step-by-step through my entire system outlined above – from how your phone is answered all the way through collecting your fee. We break it down for you so you can create your own custom system for your office, your clients, your practice area.

To make sure you are crystal clear by the end of this training series, you’ll have the opportunity to seek feedback, debrief each client meeting and report results on our private, member’s only website.

Client Engagement System Toolkit With Everything Ready For You to Model

You will receive our entire Client Engagement System Toolkit. In the past, this Toolkit alone sold for $3,000 and lawyers were thrilled to use it without the training video, the member’s only website or the packaging course.

The Toolkit includes downloadable samples of everything you need to set up your pre-meeting package, your attorney meeting folder, the scripts for your Client Services Director, the script you’ll use in your initial meetings, your tracking sheets, your fee schedule, literally everything you need.

Plus, you’ll also receive a DVD Video Presentation of me working with clients through the client engagement process, you’ll have it on CD so you can listen to it in your car, while you exercise or anywhere at all, and you’ll also receive the annotated script where I walk you through not only exactly what I said, when I said it and how, but also WHY I said what I said when I said it so you can learn the psychology behind all of it.

Nothing like being able to model what has already proven successful time and time again. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it’s already been done for you.

Client Engagement System Member’s Only Group

Once you get your pre-meeting package put together, you’ll want someone to look at it before you send it out. Post it on the forum and let our team and other new law business model lawyers provide feedback.

Plus, by seeing what other members post, you’ll move through any fears that come up for you more quickly.

The truth is that a lot of time the reason you don’t make changes after other people’s programs is because change is hard. And for lawyers, it can be even harder because we are not natural risk takers. So, having the support of other lawyers who are doing it, is instrumental.

You hear the answers to questions like:

  • What do I do when a prospect doesn’t return the homework?
  • How do I handle it when they still have to think about it?
  • How do I find a virtual assistant to help me with client engagement?

But Wait, There’s More! (Of Course)

NEW! 8-Week Course with Alexis on Packaging Your Services

At the end of this 8-week series of sessions with Alexis you will have packaged your services into an educational first meeting (to replace your free initial consultations) + three package options for your prospects to choose from and you’ll be ready to create and begin using your fee schedule.

Alexis hired a consultant for $12,500 to structure this for her law firm and it paid off the very first time she used it. Now you create your own packages with Alexis at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Plus, You’ll Also Receive…

Six Months of Implementation Coaching in Our Live Law Business Coaching Program (a $1182 Value) – For Regular Live Support From Alexis on Your Business

Each month for six months you will get on the phone with me live to answer all of your questions about attracting, engaging and serving clients in a way you never have before. I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way so you never feel lost, confused or stuck.

This program runs $197/mo separately, but it’s yours free for 6 months when you invest in the Client Engagement System.

Getting Your First 5 Clients – Training Webinar ($197 Value Bonus)

For some, GETTING STARTED is the biggest challenge in engaging new clients. After you’ve found and engaged your first five, the rest becomes easy because you have solid confidence based on your actual experience with these new systems.,

This brand new training resolves that fear by showing you nearly all the low and no-cost ways you can use to start engaging and building a steady stream of hot prospects, quickly.

By following the step-by-step instructions in this training, you’ll learn techniques that you can apply the same day to start bringing in revenue and realizing a return on your investment in this program*.

BONUS: “Money For Your Business” Business Plan, Working Capital Resources, and Pathway ($497 Retail Price, free; likely cash value to you is much higher)

Be one of the first 25 to enroll, and we’ll help you solve the other top concern most attorneys face: MONEY, with:

  • The actual business plan that Martha Hartney used to get her $65,000 bank loan for new practice (“the best business plan” that banker had ever seen). You can copy and adapt this plan for your own use. PLUS…
  • A direct introduction from Alexis to the team that consistently obtains zero% interest unsecured loans (now totaling well over $1M) for our members to invest in growing their practices. This group really gets it done, and they have options regardless of your credit score.
  • And more…

BONUS: Personal, 1-1 Laser Coaching Session with Alexis Neely

(FULL PAY ONLY, first 25 only)
Get a personal, one-on-one Laser Coaching Session with Alexis Neely! These days Alexis charges $2500/hr for personal coaching IF you can even get an appointment. Use your special half-hour session to jumpstart at the beginning, tailoring your experience to your unique needs, OR save it to get an extra boost when you encounter hurdles during the process. It’s your choice!

  • Just choose the full pay option when checking out!
  • LIMITED to the first 25 enrollees and the next 7 days, so don’t delay…

What Does a Single Lost Engagement
Cost You?

Lots of MoneyYou need this, and I’m going to make this as easy as possible for you to invest in because it’s going to change your business and your life.

Just one new client engaged is worth thousands of dollars to you – there’s not just the upfront money they are going to pay to work with you, but with my system you will keep these clients for life and they will refer other clients to you.

Plus, with this system, you can see that you are finally going to be getting paid what you are worth by your clients.

So, let’s say you engage just one new client at an average upfront transactional value of $3,000 (on the low side) and they refer one client to you at an average transaction value of $3,000 and they do additional work with you over their lifetime at an average transaction value of $3,000 (also on the low side), you’d far more than make your money back on this system with just one new client.

And if your fees are higher (as they most likely will be after you discover how to price and package your services in a new way that allows your clients to choose your fees with my system), you’ll make your investment back even more quickly.

How can you lose? (Unless you DON’T sign up and continue losing clients to the guy down the road!)

Are You Ready to Finally Start Seeing The Fees You Deserve — and Clients
Will Gladly Pay?

Yes, I am Ready to Receive
The Client Engagement System, Including:

The Client Engagement System Toolkit with all the templates, scripts, checklists, tracking sheets, videos, and audios you need to immediately begin engaging more clients, commanding higher fees and enjoying what it feels like to have happy prospects who are thrilled to work with you.

The 14-week, step-by-step, “hold your hand and get it implemented” video training so you (and you team, if you have one) will get your own client engagement system up and running immediately.

Access to the Members Only group so you can get feedback, support, and de-briefing re the implementation of the new law business model in your law firm.

Plus, you’ll receive:

Six Months of Live Implementation Coaching

That would cost nearly $1200 to buy separately.

8-Week Packaging Course with Alexis

Almost priceless. It’d cost $2,500/hour to work with Alexis like that individually.

Getting Your First 5 Clients – Training Webinar

Step-by-step instructions & techniques you can apply the same day so you can start bringing in revenue and realizing a return on your investment in this program immediately!

Money For Your Business

Be one of the first 25 to enroll, and we’ll help you solve the other top concern most attorneys face: GETTING MONEY to invest in your business.

1-1 Laser Coaching with Law Business Mentor, Alexis Neely

Priceless, one-to-one coaching to guide you on your specific path and circumstances.

Join Now and Start Engaging
Nearly Every Prospect Who
Calls Your Office


PLUS You’re Protected By Our No-Fail Guarantee!

We’re confident that when you invest in the Client Engagement System, follow the steps and do the work, you will start engaging more clients right away, commanding higher fees and be all around happier about your life as a lawyer OR Alexis will work with you personally to find out why and coach you until this course pays for itself 3 times over. We’re assuming this risk to help make sure you succeed!

Michael Dellamonaca, from Fitchburg, MA, invested in the system and wasn’t sure it would work for him. He even thought about sending it back, asked for a call with me, and then right before the call, he had a breakthrough and everything shifted. He said:

"I’m really just ecstatic because these techniques can be so simple. You have to do the work, follow & have faith in the systems, but they’re very basic, and they’ll come to you naturally. It’s all these “Why Didn’t I Think of This,” type of moments – it’s all very basic, common sense. I was keeping very careful records on the number of clients I was engaging with your system and I said to myself, “I’m not going to keep something that’s not paying dividends for me.” So, I expressed my desire to return the system, but agreed to talk with you… meanwhile, I made a tweak here & there, reviewed the system materials… maybe it was the ‘Break-down before the Break-through” but my engagement rate went from 3 people saying “no thanks” despite using your system… to now, in the past 5 months, we’ve only had 3 people decline to retain us. Retention rate now stands at 87% and if we count people who were personally referred to us, it’s close to 100%. I was lucky to hit 70% prior to using your system. Needless to say I’ve paid for your system many, many, many times... I don’t have a million-dollar practice because I don’t want one. I want quality of life. Today I had a very fun day. I got to ‘just talk’ with people, I got to be a human being and relax. I wasn’t on edge, I wasn’t trying to sell anything. I mean, how many lawyers are actually having this much fun! Your system brings the humanity back to being a lawyer. Thanks, Alexis!”

Michael DellaMonaca
Michael DellaMonaca, Fitchburg, MA

Don’t allow one more prospect to walk out the door without
saying “yes” to your services!


If You Have Questions…

Call 1-844-785-8532 Now

To get your questions answered or to enroll

To Your Success,


I have doubled the number of clients that have been coming into my office. I have doubled my fees and I've learned a way that I can narrow my practice down to working only with the clients I want to work with and to really make a fantastic living doing it and I know that my practice is just going to continue to grow and grow over time and get more and more successful.

David Feakes
David Feakes, Acton, MA

During February, we engaged 11 new families for estate planning. In addition, my engagement rate for the past 7 months has been 100%.

Nicole Newman
Nicole Newman
*These are actual results. Typically, lawyers who follow our systems, principles, and coaching experience increased average fees, higher engagement rates, and greater career fulfillment. Your results will (of course) vary based on your effort and application of these tools, so identical results or income cannot be guaranteed. Our programs ARE covered under the terms of our No Fail Guarantee at